This story's about Adrian, Abby and Ishtar. Abby and Ishtar likes Adrian but Adrian didn't notice anything. This is a view from Ishtar and Abby. Not Complete

Abby's POVEdit

This is one normal morning. Tomorrow, I will be off to a quest to save my dad. I met Adrian, he was as dreamy as ever. Ishtar was just behind me.

"BOO!" Ishtar shouted behind me. I fell down own my back. I angrily took out Astereios. Ishtar was smirking. I chased after her. Ishtar ran into the bushes.

"Get back here!" I bumped into Rodrigo. He was wearing his stupid signature hat and his shirt. He looked cool. He lend me a hand to find Ishtar.

We took a look for Ishtar around the Camp. I summoned two of my favorite constellations, Orion and Canis Major to track down Ishtar. Orion told me that she was at beach. I dragged Rodrigo and hurriedly headed towards the beach.

The beach and the sea was so romantic. I wished Adrian was....

"Wait, it's Adrian with Ishtar. They are holding hands!!!!!!!!!" Rodrigo told me. I stared at them. Indeed, my world was shattered.

Ishtar's POVEdit

Hello? It's me. Ishtar Nocturne..... I was just holding Adrian's hand. He smiled at me dreamily. Why? He is under my spell. Mwah Ha ha ha! Rodrigo, Jerry and I set this up unfortunately for the poor Abigail. She doesn't know anything.

"Isn't this nice, Adrian" I asked.

Adrian smiled "It is....You are so beautiful!"

Abigail gaped as she stared at me. I gave her a smirk of victory. Abigail turned sad. She then sobbed and ran away.