This is the story about how Jun Nored traveled from Brazil to Camp Half-Blood.


Hey. I'm Juniper Nored. What you are about to read is my story, from when I was conceived to when I finally reached camp. My mother is a Brazilian doctor and my dad is the greek god Apollo. They met on a congress on Connecticut. Dad and mom had a short romance there, but after two weeks she had to return. I am the result of this romance. Dad still visited her from time to time after he found out about me.

I had a fairly normal childhood. My powers were not so apparent, except for my love for archery and my seemingly inability to get any disease. The problem was that mom knew dad was a god and she wanted me to be as extraordinary as he was, as powerful as he was. She kept pushing me forward, pressing me to be the god dad was. But I was just a kid. She put me into almost every class you can imagine. I learned to play perfectly 8 instruments, mastered parkour and capoeira, practiced swimming and running since I was four, learned how to speak english perfectly and many other thing that weren't so useful.

All of this skills are very good to have as a demigod, and I know she did all of that to prepare me, I would be okay with that. But she wouldn't let me fail. If I lost a competition, she would scream at me, call me useless, pathetic and other things. Once I was 10, I began to question this. Why should I suffer and feel horrible because I did a mistake? That's when the thing began to get rough. Mom and me were fighting a lot and I was slipping into depression. Dear old mom still sustained all her theories about me and her insults were getting worse. Then, when I was fourteen, everything changed.

Chapter OneEdit

I was in my archery class when it all happened. I walked to one of the target fields, with all the equipment already on, and went to the spot where one of my colleagues was shooting. We said hi, he handed me a bow and I began my training. It seemed normal. After ten minutes, one of the instructors walked to our side.