This is the story of Hesperathousa who fled from the utopian world of the Hesperides' garden to a new life.


Hesperathousa stared out of the lofty mountain of Othrys. Though, her aunts and sisters gave her the title, the Windy One. She wasn't the free-as-air type. She was more of a calm-as-sea type. Her mother had kept some secret from her. She had always told her that her father was the god of north wind, Boreas. She just wanted to be free and not be confined in this utopia. She had managed to calm her fear of her mother and prepared to talk to her.

Chapter 1: LeavingEdit

Hesperathousa walked across the garden. The sun was shining warmly at them. The gates of the gardens were closed while Atlas bore the sky on his hands. The Hesperid nymphs all nine of them excluding Hesperathousa were walking very hard on picking the apples on the tree. Approaching her mother cautiously, she took a deep breathe and...

"Mother, I am leaving"

Khrysothemis was in pure horror "How could you! You are a Hesperid! Where will you go?"

She paused and then spoke "I am going to find about my ancestry and my skills other than being a nymph who picks apple"

Khrysothemis made a tough choice "The gates aren't open yet. You have go at dusk when Astraeus rose from the sky or when Eos summoned Apollo to rise"

"Thank you mother"

At sunset, the gates of the Hesperides were open. Astraeus summoned stars to brightened the sky. Hesperathousa took this chance and walked towards the her freedom.

Chapter 2: Career on OlympusEdit

Hesperathousa had called Hermes to meet with her. After two minutes, Hermes arrived.

"Sorry, I was delivering nocturnal flowers for Asteria and some packages and mail for Leto and Ares"

"Is there a career for me on Olympus?" Hesperathousa asked.

Hermes smiled "We have a dishwasher position, cupbearer position and handmaiden stuff"

To be continued