My name is Jacqueline Midnight. I'm 10 years old. This is my story:

thumb|272px|rightChapter 1Edit

I heard things being thrown outside of my room. I heard glass breaking as my dad started another drunk rampage. I was hiding in my closet, so I wouldn't have to receive more bruises. "Come out, you lil' b*tch!" He yelled, throwing something (probably the lamp) at my door. My heart beat faster as his footsteps came closer, and closer, and closer.

The door slammed open, and my dad walked in. "Where're ya, you lil' pest?!" He slurred. I sat quiet as a mouse, praying he wouldn't find me, but, a hand reached in, grabbed my hair and pulled me out.

"Ow!" I cried, "Let go, dad! Stop it!" He yanked my hair harder, causing tears to fall. "Dad! Stop! Please!"

He let go of my hair, but started slapping me, hard. He slapped me one final time then left the room, slamming the door behind him. At least he kept it short and less painful. I winced, remembering being thrown at the wall. I crawled into my bed, and started to sob. Why did I have to be punished? I didn't do anything! Like everyother night, I cryed myself to sleep. Why is my life a living hell?

Chapter 2Edit


I sit behind the huge oak on the playground. I pulled down the sleeve of shirt, covering the bruise on my arm. I felt the teacher's eyes on me, but didn't meet her gaze. She probably knew my secret....I heard someone walk up to me, so I looked up to find a red-headed, brown-eyed boy with crutches, and tall girl with freckles, light caramel eyes, and sun-bleached blonde hair.

"Uh, hi?" I said. The girl smiled, sitting down next to me.

"Hi! I'm J.J. Drake! It's stands for Jennifer Joy, I mean what were my parents thinking-" The girl was cut off when the boy put his hand over her mouth.

"Jeez, J.J.. Try not to scare her away. Any way, I'm Max. Max Briar." The boy said, smirk making his look evil.

"I'm..uh..Jacque Midnight." I said. Max took his hand off of J.J.'s mouth, who glared at him. She slapped him, and I winced, remembering last night.

"Jacque? You ok?" Max asked, putting a hand on my shoulder. I stiffened. No one touched me. Ever. If they did, they were going to hurt me.

I took in a shaky breath, "I'm ok."

Max looked worriedly (is that even a word?), but J.J. just started chating away. When the bing rang, and we ran (Well, we had to wait for Max) inside, I realized, that for the first time ever, I had friends.